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Hold On

Hold On

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We made the backpack of our hold-all dreams! This one's a special nod to all our new mama friends - it has all the correct khaanaas for babybaba's bottles and wipes and whatnot plus some for mama's wallet and keys and maybe even lipstick what whattttt! But we do not really play favourites and we wanted it to look good for, and play well with the rest of us too, so we tried and tested it on many folk from many walks of life, et voilá.


Hold On looks like leather but it is not - it is a quick dry material which is not only considerably lighter than leather, it is washable and water-resistant, for all your spills and some rain!


It has too many pockets to list, but you'll find them in the photos or drop us and email/DM if you have any specific questions!


15.5 x 12 x 5 inches

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