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Hajra began Tich with a market visit with her mum in Kanpur. A few thaans of the softest cotton, a couple of trips to their family tailor and the first lot of luscious cotton dohars - the tale and the yarns had started to spin. But there was more to come; as the enterprise started to gain legs, Hajra decided that perhaps there was room to include her father’s leather legacy. In his heyday, her father ran one of the biggest leather tanneries in India and Nepal by the name of Leatherage.

Maya was swiftly and easily roped in, and Tich Leather was born; its primary determination being to close the gap in the market for casual classics - things that reminded us of our childhood in simplicity, but worked with our modernistic aesthetics and functionality; most importantly, things that look and feel cool but comfortable. 

And so, small batch by small batch, we are in the making,

and growing. We hope you enjoy this journey with us!

Here is what is important to us:

Aesthetics: We like our materials to be pretty. 
Functionality: We said pretty, not superficial. If it does not serve its purpose as well as it serves our aesthetics, it is not here. 
Quality: We use only the highest quality of indian cotton for our dohars and full grain leather for our accessories, both of which get softer with each use. 
Durability: Our favourite things get better with age! 
We choose each design’s materials with care, making sure it ticks the other three boxes, but can still honour the test of time.

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We make pretty, functional, durable goodies for people like ourselves, who like to get stuff done without compromising on 'spiffy'. We like our adventures, but we also like our cosy couch at home; sometimes we even like the hustle of the workspace. Most of all, we like our things to be at equal ease in all of these settings. So we made them!


Tich is Hajra’s baby. A professional photographer, Hajra spends most of her time exploring the world, capturing it through her lens. Tich came into being as a result of her past, having always being in and around leather tanneries her father owned and ran. 


Hajra Ahmad

Maya, a professional actor, spends most of her time exploring the world through the lens of her characters. More than once in an odd way, she gets restless and starts to pace up and down, screaming for something to do with her hands, and with her aesthetics.


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