Bellas' got a big belly. A tote with the most, we have stuffed an entire weekend into this beautiful beast. Think of it as a tent for your stuff. There are a few small pockets, for your phone and other sundries, but the rest, it bungs all in together so you can stuff it how you like it and are not bullied into boundaries.

Probably close to the same capacity as the Down and Dirty duffel, but perhaps more suited to official thingies like computers and folders.

5 X 13 X 13

Full grain leather

The Bella

Taxes Included
  • Just like skin, leather needs some ventilation so don’t ever store or transport your bag in a plastic grocery bag, instead please use the dust bag it comes in. If your bag gets wet and then heated right away, it can shrink and dry out too quickly. Rather, let it dry naturally, even if it takes a couple days. Keep leather out of direct sunlight when storing. The leather fades naturally over time and develops its' own gorgeous patina, but sunlight speeds up that process.

    Leather is susceptible to absorbing grease and oils; handle with clean hands. Always keep leaky products in a pouch so they dont leak into your inner lining.