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Pretty As A Pocket waist/shoulder bag

Pretty As A Pocket waist/shoulder bag

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The princess of purses, this one leaves the negative space to its lofty cousins, and deals smugly with the essentials. With card slots and an interior zip to replace your wallet, a detachable strap that hooks either over your shoulder or around your waist, and limited edition printed lining, this really is our multi-tasking genius!

5.5 x 9.5 in.

Full Grain Leather with adjustable straps. Printed cotton lining.

  • Tips to keep me looking fresh for life

    Polish and buff me with a clear leather polish, the same way you would a pair of leather shoes.

    Keep me in my dust bag when not in use.

    Keep me dry.

    Don't leave me in direct sunglight for too long.

    Keep me stuffed when not in use. 

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